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About Amagara Skin care

Amagara is a word borrowed from African dialect to mean life. We believe our natural skin care range should breathe new life into our clients skin. Our Products are enriched with 100% natural extracts from fruits, vegetables & other plant materials that are all sourced from Ugandan farmers. These include Shea butter, Avocado oil, Cucumbers, Carrots, Vanilla, and Papaya, amongst others.

Product Range

At Amagara Skincare, we realise that beauty is more than skin deep. We view it as an absolutely vital part of your health and wellbeing. Therefore our high-performance skincare range cleanses, treats, moisturizes, and protects with results-driven formulas and powerful ingredients. Order it, Try it, Love it!

Our Corporate Brand

Amagara Skincare’s corporate brand policy and competitive advantage is in its engagement with various community Outreach programmes in Uganda. We at Amagara Skincare believe in having good quality natural skincare products for our clients. For this to happen we use natural extracts from various vegetables, fruits and oils for example Cucumbers, Water Melon, Paw paws, Vanilla, Passion fruits, Pineapple, Lemon, Shea butter etc. At the heart of this movement are the farmers who we work with directly to supply us with their produce, to repay their hard work and support we buy their produce at a premium fair trade price thus ensuring our farmers build better futures for themselves and their communities. Below are some of their stories



A farmer by trade, Mzeei Katto has lived in Ssisa, Entebbe town his whole life. He took over his family business as a subsistence farmer growing Matooke and rearing Livestock as main source of income for his family. In 2001 with knowledge from a friend, Mr Katto ventured into growing Oregano due to its high demand on the local market and the business flourished which later led him to forming two companies;
Crane essential Oils dealing in herbal medicines, floral waters and distilling essential oils. Nambirigwa Herbal Farm on 3 acres, where he grows all his herbs and spices ranging from Lavender, Peppermint, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon balm, Cypress etc.
Amagara Skincare products have specially designed fragrances that involve addition of essential oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Cypress. In 2011, a joint venture between Amagara Skincare and Crane essential oils was formed where we are ethically sourcing their essential oils and peppermint floral water for our current production processes.



Amagara Skincare formed a partnership with Alcode in 2012, where we ethically source Shea butter from them at a premium price as long as they are supporting their Women group communities involved in the Shea nut collection, drying, Storage and processing
ALCODE stands for Agency for Local Community Development, an NGO that was started in 1998 in Otuke County, Lira District. “The Shea Project is based on the value of the nilotic shea-butter tree, Vitellaria paradoxa ssp. nilotica, a slow-growing hardwood fruit tree indigenous to northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. Inside the nutritious fruit is a large hard seed which yields shea-butter, a food-oil, cosmetic and sacred substance of great importance to the people who live with the tree, particularly the women farmers who process the nut and use income from the tree to sustain their families, and to improve their lives.
Women's income from Shea products pays for children's school fees, clothing, salt, soap and taxes - all the cash needs of a household.“



​​We at Amagara Skincare create natural skin care products made with fresh natural ingredients that do not harm the individual or the environment. We have managed to set up Farmer out grower schemes country wide using our fair trade policy designed to help create economic opportunities and wealth for Ugandan Farmers at the base of the economic pyramid so they can pull themselves out of poverty for good through ethically sourcing fruits, vegetables and other out grower farm produce countrywide at fair trade price: ​
• Vanilla- Mukono
• Paw Paws- Central area (Kamuli and Mityana)
• Cucumbers, Carrots & Watermelons- Masaka and Kabale
• Passion fruits- Mpigi & Kasese
• Avacado’s- Kabale and Kisoro
• Honey and Bees wax- Bushenyi and Aruaglobal attention – The 100 Days of African Fashion Campaign, launching the first and only fashion PR consultancy in her home country Kenya in 2014


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